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By | September 15, 2009

Several times ago, I interest to visit and read treats in a forum, Actually I feel sad when read the debate in this forum. This forum seen only dominated by most of Indonesian and Malaysian that is fighting/debating with not attach the true source. They only give curses and insult to each other and to their country. Many of them is fighting (debating) each other, cursing and insulting with dirty words. And more, I am very sad because in this forum also, they fight, curse, and insult the religions. But, fortunately, there are some members can do something wise, they give peaceful treats, and fortunately I also become one of them… kakakakak…

This is my treat in Malaysian forum:

Moeslems, we have a bad situation and conditionn in this ramadhan… although we fight each other in this forum, but I still care about about our same religion… I dont care if you re Malaysian, singapore people, Brunei, etc… as long as you are Moeslems, I want to say have a nice and blessed Ramadhan. May you finish your fasting well… I hope we dont fight in the real situation.. we have the right to state our opinion.. do you agree??

This is my treat in Indonesian forum:

Without seeing whether you are Indonesian, Malaysian, Singapore people, Brunei, etc, as long as you are Moeslems and celebrating Ied/Lebaran, I say happy Lebaran. We always fight each other in this forum because we have different opinion and both of us are want to protect our country and our nation. It is not bad. we have a good Nationalism. But, notice, we do not forget that we are the same, we are Moeslems, and we are humans. I hope we do not fight in real situation. It is enough only in this forum. Love you all… and have a nice and blessed Ramadhan, may you finish your fasting well…

Yups… Alhamdulillah… although sometimes I am influenced to do some curses and insults as the other. It is because there are too excessive to curse and to insult my religion or my country. But I am sorry for that, it happens because I am provoked by their provocation.

If you read the forum,, remember! many provocations there!

Next and give your comment…

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