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By | October 31, 2011
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Excuse me my friends in English Education Magister Program, for the time being, I just post our assignments in my personal blog. This is not for my traffic or for my advertising purpose.. hehe… Our beloved blog – is under maintenance. Its template is damaged. I need time to find a good and suitable template. So I can’t use it to post our assigments right now. 
Actually I can directly give you the link of server where I uploaded our assigments, but if I do that, it means I can’t give introduction about the kind of files and something else. 🙂
Ok friends, so far I just have these materials. I need your cooperation to send your materials via email [email protected], so I can upload them to my server account.
1. Qualitative Research Method 
We have 7 groups, I compressed them to be .zip file. You can extaract it by right-click your mouse, and choose kind of extract you want.  Download here
2. Teaching of Writing
For Teaching of Writing subject, I just have this one.
Group 1. Download here

3. Teaching of Reading
For Teaching of Reading, we have 4 groups. Download here

4. Second Language Acquisition
I just received these. Only 3 groups! I don’t know the others. Download here

5. Special appearance by Pak Arnus – Quantitative VS Qualitative. Download here
6. Sepacial Appearance by Bu Natalina – Quantitative VS Qualitatitve. Download here

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