Indonesia Disorot Media Terkemuka Inggris: Perjuangan Anak-Anak SD Melewati Jembatan Tali untuk Berangkat ke SEKOLAH!!!

By | February 10, 2016
Sungguh! Generasi muda Indonesia yang seperti ini sudah tidak perlu revolusi mental. Tergambar dari foto-foto berikut ini yang dokumentasikan oleh fotografer media Inggris. Berikut foto-foto mental kuat generasi-genrasi muda kita demi mengenyam bangku sekolah. Bertaruh nyawa broh!
Semoga sukses di kemudian hari. Aami!
Children use wires to cross the river to get to school in Pintu Gabang, Indonesia

School days: This pupils starts the day with a different kind of test
 Cross-wire: A young boy makes his lonely journey to school

The children risk a 30 foot drop as they cross the river each morning before school. 
of playing truant each day 20 determined pupils from Batu Busuk
village on the island of Sumatra, Indonesia have to cross the local
river like circus performers since the suspension bridge collapsed in
heavy rain.
photographer Igoy Fitra Yogi, 31, described how the brave children
faced injury and possible death by drowning so they could continue their

Once across the river the children have to walk seven miles to reach their school

The children have been forced into the balancing act after heavy rains destroyed a local bridge 

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